Fonte Innovation Fund OEIC Limited

Fonte Innovation Fund OEIC Limited

Fonte Innovation Fund OEIC Limited is an Exempt Fund, i.e. a Collective Investment Scheme the Units of which are offered in the AIFC only by way of a private placement to Persons who are Professional Clients and in minimum subscription amounts of USD 50,000.

The Crypto Fund is an Open-ended Fund and is registered by the AFSA in the organizational-legal form of a Private Investment Company.

In April 2023 AFSA gave its consent to Fonte Capital Ltd to incorporate The Crypto Fund in accordance with the Fund’s Constitution and Offering Materials, - both documents are available to interested potential investors subject to these investors signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

The Crypto Fund is the first cryptocurrency fund registered in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It provides fast and secure access to bitcoin and other digital assets, while removing the burden of buying and storing digital assets. The Crypto Fund offers investors daily liquidity and a low commission structure.