Healthcare lunch by Caresyntax held in Almaty

Participants about AFSA

 This is the 49th lunch worldwide, where the founder and CFO of Caresyntax, Bjoern von Siemens, and the Vice President of Strategy and Corporate Development, Bracy Fertig, presented the latest news and achievements of the company to the investment community of Kazakhstan.

Caresyntax aims to make surgery smarter and safer. The company’s mission is to merge AI-powered software, devices, and clinical services to enhance surgical outcomes. The Caresyntax platform, an enterprise-grade surgical intelligence system, is vendor-neutral and equipped with proprietary software, hardware, and advanced AI capabilities. It can ingest and analyze data throughout the surgical workflow, including EMR, video, audio, image, device data, financial and outcomes data, and clinical and operational metrics to capture a complete picture of the surgical pathway.

The platform produces insights across the entire continuum of care—before the procedure with surgical workflow optimization, during surgery with real-time clinically relevant support tools, and post procedure with clinical safety modules. The platform also produces data analytics and insights for medical device companies, insurers, and other ecosystem players to innovate and drive the future of healthcare delivery.

Caresyntax software is used in over 3,000 ORs globally and aids surgical teams in over three million procedures annually.

Fonte Capital Ltd - was founded in January 2022 in the Astana International Financial Centre where it has been operating since then using a licence issued by the Astana Financial Services Authority to manage collective investment schemes in respect of exempt funds.

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